Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Praise You in Advance

My time with God is so different everyday, because everyday brings new things and I don't like to get stuck in a rut where I forget why I'm praying or reading God's word. I think that spending time with God is more about motive than procedure or accomplishment. My desire is to BE with God and for me that has to be approached afresh everyday. The moment I start getting into a "devotional" routine, I start feeling ridiculously prideful, yet distant from God. So, instead I try to wake-up every morning with a blank slate and ask God how He would like for me to meet with Him today. Sometimes its reading the Bible, sometimes its reading "The 31 Days of Praise," sometimes its journaling, sometimes its just spending time in silence and solitude, and still other times its all of the above or completely different.

I don't like to put God in a box and I would really like to get better at making a strong daily habit of spiritual response. Meaning that all day long I seek to hear God's voice speaking to me, so that it is no longer ME working, but CHRIST working through me! I want to be weaker in my own strength and broken in spirit for the things that crush God's spirit. I want to live out of a faith that is REAL and honest, but not solely based on my feelings at each moment.
I read this the other day and I liked it, so I'll share it: 
"And so, though I may not feel grateful, I give thanks... by faith, trusting Your goodness, Your wisdom, Your power, and Your love..." (31 Days of Praise)
This post is a bit skattered, but... oh well : )

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Elise said...

Look who I found with her blog! I'm glad I did. Now I can feel more close to what you're up to. I loved this entry and I hope to keep in touch!