Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Times the Fun!

Almost 2 years ago one of my dear friends and wonderful mentor, Katie had a beautiful baby boy named Micah John (same as my brother) and she is now soon to have another! Along with this wonderful news she just moved into a new house. My friend Katy and I were able to visit her this week and help her settle in a little. While we were there we snapped a few photos of this handsome young man with my new camera and I just had to share these! 

He's such a little boy : ) He only knows a few words and his favorite by far is "car." He's hilarious! 


jenni said...

hi katelyn-
i got your message the other day. i am so so sorry i forgot to call you back. we got it late at night and i didn't write it down. anyways katie told me you guys came over and i was like "oh my gosh i she called for your number and i never called her back!!" i am glad you made it and got to see her new place and micah. isn't he so funny? love him :)

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! MICAH IS SO ADORABLE! That is so fun that you and Katy got to go help Katie with some things...that can get stressful with a little guy.

You are so amazing. I'm glad we're friends!

Katie said...

Katelyn you are such a great friend and I enjoyed so much the time with you and Katy. The pics of Micah are cute, thanks for taking some with your spiffy new camara. I miss you girls already...thank you so much for coming out!