Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Missing Branch

Every weekday morning I seem to go through almost the same routine. Due to the putting off of a few of my gen-ed classes, I got stuck senior year with a pretty awkward and pesky little school schedule. This little schedule has me at school everyday of the week for Spanish class! It started off seeming like more of a curse than a blessing, but after realizing that a dear friend of mine was in the class as well, I knew it wouldn't be so bad. In fact, because of her comical and quirky personality and our hilarious meshing of characters, its been a routine that I now enjoy and fully embrace! Everyday brings a new priceless moment due to our spontaneity and free-spirited manner. Last Wednesday in particular was one to write home about : )

Walking out of Spanish, chatting and laughing hysterically about who knows what, we saw a HUGE branch fall down
right before our eyes about 30 feet away for no apparent reason! We both froze and looked at each other with our jaws to the ground, thinking completely different things. Not too surprisingly, I was thinking, "Woah! That was weird and could have been dangerous if someone had been walking beneath it," but Maddie was thinking, "Thank you Lord! I can't believe you sent me a tree for my balcony!" Yes, that is correct, Maddie proceeded to ask me if I would help her take this thin, but large 16 foot branch back to her apartment and set it up like it was a complete tree. I was slightly thrown off by her quick thinking, but I said "Of course! This will be so funny." So, while the people in the office in front of which it fell, were probably calling campus safety to come take care of the problem, Maddie and I ever-so-suavely walked over, picked it up, and carried it halfway across campus to her car, while getting many strange stares! We were laughing so hard! The real challenge was trying to get as much of it as possible into her car while not attracting too much attention and drive the tree back to her apartment, but we did it!

I must say, it looks awful nice with one branch poking over her balcony and one arching over her large front window. We were pretty proud of ourselves : ) Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the branch. The only one I have is from the car and you can't really tell that I'm holding onto the trunk, but here ya go:
We still wonder what campus safety must have been thinking when they showed up and there was no branch for them to haul off. They must have thought the ladies in the office were crazy : )

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